Why Are Shiba Inus Difficult Breeds to Train

Of course, a Shiba is stubborn and strong-willed, but then so are many other breeds, including the Siberian Husky. Shibas are more difficult than other strong-willed breeds to train.

Why is Shiba Inu such a difficult breed to train?

Shiba Will Do Whatever Shiba Needs

Shiba Inu only responds to what makes sense to him and not to you. Shiba Inu won’t hesitate to tell you what he wants and what he doesn’t!

Shiba owners pay attention to their dogs and adapt their training methods to suit their preferences and personalities.

Shibas can think for themselves and are willing to look at other options to reach their goals. As a result, training a Shiba Inu is often counter-intuitive, and traditional dog training methods may not work well.

Shiba owners must be creative and flexible.

A Shiba may follow them if they are obvious to him. Sometimes, he will do something completely different if it ROCKS!

Shiba Inu’s training demands flexibility and creativity from his owners.

Some may argue that Shiba Inus, being independent thinkers, would be more responsive to aversive training techniques such as collar corrections and alpha rolls.

This is false.

Shiba Inus are determined, strong-willed, stubborn, and determined. Shiba Inus are quick to fight back if they feel threatened. My Shiba Sephy was a fighter. I started with aversive training methods. I started with aversive training methods. The more the dog fights back, the more likely it is that he will do the same thing again and develop aggression issues later on. Sephy was clearly headed in that direction, so I began looking at other training methods.

Aversive techniques also led to Sephy losing trust in me.

Shiba Inus are determined, strong-willed, stubborn, and determined. Shiba Inus are quick to fight back when they feel threatened.

Shiba Inu Sephy will not give up, no matter how hard it gets.

Dogs can think for themselves. Dogs may have different needs than humans and may not always agree with ours.

Dogs who have strong will don’t hesitate to pursue their own goals, even if it means conflict with other dogs.

However, even strong-willed breeds like the Siberian Husky will give up the ghost when they see that the effort and time involved are not worth the end result.

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